Leaded panels

Leaded panels, often referred to as ‘leaded lights’ when in a window, are probably the first thing that springs to mind when stained glass is mentioned. In some ways, rightly so, as the practice of creating a window in different coloured pieces of glass is thought to be at least 1,000 years old.

Over time however, the lead deteriorates and cracks and for various reasons pieces of glass are broken. These panels can sometimes be repaired ‘in situ’ but will often need to be removed and completely rebuilt to restore them to their original glory.

The following pictures show a restoration on a window panel that is thought to be Edwardian, so at the time of writing, about 90-100 years old. Below that are pictures of a restoration for a Customer.

The original panel

All the old lead removed but still with broken glass

New glass cut and positioned

Re-leaded, ready to solder

Fully soldered, ready for the cement

Completed panel

A recent repair

This was one piece

This had broken off the end

Re-assembled and cleaned up

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